Makeup & Skincare

I’d love to be your MAKEUP lady!

Hi, I’m Tanya 👋🏻 I’m no fancy makeup artist, just a 51 year old Mum and fashion store owner who loves skincare and makeup, and how it makes me feel when I pop on a nice, easy, everyday face!

I love sharing my side business and favourite brand (SeneGence) with you here and showing you on my Socials how easy and achievable a simple makeup routine can be 🩷

Message me anytime to get help with colour matching, skincare, how to create your own everyday look and tutorials on how to use your products.

Here's how to order:

Message's that easy! 
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I'm here to make it fun and easy, so feel free to reach out with any questions, and I hope we get to chat soon.

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Tanya 🩷